Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cart Path Repairs With A Chainsaw

We can't go back in time and re-rout cart paths or remove more trees prior to paving, but we can cut out future problems with our trusty chainsaw.  Over the years we've paid a hefty price for having cart paths on top of tree roots.  Trees that may not have been very large 20 years ago are now more than capable of destroying a cart path.  The cost of removing and replacing one 9' by 8' section of concrete is roughly $800.  The chainsaw is going to save us thousands as we have 6 miles of concrete much of which is tree lined.  For now we are taking down as many problem trees as possible.  We'll tackle the stumps as the budget allows.

Course Status For Golf

The snow is melting fast in the sun and slow in the shade.  With the rain we are getting today, I do not expect golf to be possible before the weekend.  We'll update again tomorrow morning with more details.  I promise that if it's possible to play golf, the course will be open.  You may need boots as it will be extremely wet.  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Before, During, And After The Snow

Before the big snow we were very busy on the course.  With a skeletal winter staff  (Rob, Jimmy, Alan, Ginny, Shane, and Gene) we were making a big dent in some tree problems and course clean up.   Our main focus is with any dead or dying trees.  We are also addressing low limbs and removing trees that are damaging cart paths or turf.  We made it through the first 5 holes before the snow stopped us.  You'll notice a difference the next time you play although none of the trees in question will be missed.

During the snow we were busy clearing the lots and walkways at the Harbor Club.  We also have quite a large area at the shop that requires attention in order for the FLCA staff and Golf Course staffs to function.  We have one tractor with a plow and one snow blower which is perfect for most snow storms.  However, this storm was a handful.  A big thanks go to Rob and Alan for braving the elements to keep the snow from mounting up beyond control.  

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Strange Weather And What To Expect

For the past two weeks humidity has remained at or near 100%, temperatures have been well above normal and we've had almost 5 inches of rain.  Weeds that typically bloom in March are blooming now, daffodils are blooming, and a host of other spring like issues are affecting us now in December. What this means for the 2016 golf season isn't totally clear, but it's safe to say that we'll have to adjust our strategy and will face some challenges.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Need Your Help !!!

It's been extremely wet for the past two weeks and there isn't any end in sight.  Unfortunately that means that carts must remain on the path at all times.  The golf course is borderline unplayable, but the mild temperatures are tough to resist and I understand the golf bug well.  We don't want to close the course, but we need your help immediately in order to prevent doing more damage.  Please keep all four tires on the path at all times.  If you are in a foursome with four carts, do not pass each other on the tee and/or green slopes.  If your cart is in the back of the line, then be patient until the others have moved.  Do not go around a parked cart unless you can keep all your tires on the path.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Attack of the Worms

If you've played golf recently, you've probably encountered some worm related mess.  I've heard some people say that we aerated and didn't clean up afterwards.  I've heard others say that the birds really made a mess.  Worms are the only suspect in this case and while they are a real PITA, they are a sign that we have a pretty healthy soil (albeit poorly drained) and they provide a lot of benefits.  The article below is very good at explaining the worm issue faced by many courses.

CLICK HERE FOR FULL, EASY TO READ VERSION of the following article......

Monday, December 14, 2015

Back To School

Last week I had the opportunity to spend some much needed time in the classroom.  Thanks to Syngenta and Wake Forest University I learned a great deal about managing, leading, accounting, negotiating, and capital budgeting.  Not that it's saying a whole lot, but I feel a lot smarter now than I did a week ago.  In addition to the valuable classroom time, I also got to meet and get to know some very accomplished superintendents from all around the country.  Spending time with these guys was icing on the cake.  I look forward to using some of my new knowledge in the months ahead.